Błażej Worsztynowicz


Born in 1979, in Koszalin, Poland. 

Artist and sailor.
He graduated from the Warsaw European Academy of Arts in 2010 with a Masters degree in painting.
Co-founder of the silkscreen printing workshop SITO and of the Warsaw art community „Pracownia Wschodnia”. His work is strongly inspired by travel, which he spends a great deal of his time doing, and by the sea which is as fascinating as art to him.
He has amassed about 30,000 nautical miles on various sailing vessels, and sailed on various seas, including the: Baltic, North, Norwegian, Carribbean and Mediterranean and also Atlantic and Southern Oceans.
Proud owner of 30 foot sea-going yacht called „Snufkin”.
When not at sea, he works and lives in Warsaw.

Selected group exhibitions:

„Taking care of the next genaration” Czentrifuga Gallery Berlin 2009
„Razem i osobno” Polish Institute, Sofia 2010
„Bitwa!” exhibition of independent posters, Pracownia Wschodnia, Warsaw 2011
„Artyści z Pracowni Wschodniej” , Klima Bocheńska Gallery, Warsaw 2012

Solo exhibitions:

„Layers” Galeria Praca, Warsaw 2014
„Paintings”, Noc Malarzy, Warsaw 2015

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